TrioCup is an all-paper. ergonomic, spill-free cup that eliminates plastic lids.


TrioCup is an all-paper, ergonomic, spill-free coffee cup. Since winning the New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize sponsored by OpenIDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as well as the third Trash Talk City pitch competition, TrioCup is being manufactured to scale.  The design is undergoing market testing in a number of New York City coffee shops to prove that the eco-friendly TrioCup is just as accessible as the traditional cup and lid. Customers can enjoy their drink even more by using TrioCup, while also finding comfort in knowing their purchase helps to reduce environmental footprint.

We believe that it is possible to save the environment one cup at a time, while improving the functionality and aesthetics associated with the traditional coffee cup. Our cup achieves these goals by utilizing an origami-style top which folds closed. This gives the cup a sleek, striking design that is unmatched by other cups on the market while providing a cover that is spill-resistant, unlike the traditional coffee lid. We also take it upon ourselves to manufacture our cups with compostable paper, ensuring that our cup meets our ecological standards.


We believe in a plastic-free future. 


Did you know that Starbucks will be making 4 billion cups this year? That’s almost 50 million kilograms of plastic waste, and most of them dont get recycled!.

Lids are not the only thing we want to get rid of. Currently, paper cups are not recyclable because of the polyethylene coating they use. This coating makes it impossible to recycle because the coating will jam the recycling mill.