Comparison of Old Cup to TrioCup.jpg


TrioCup is an all-paper cup with a novel design that combines convenience without the need of plastic lids. We have chosen a coating in the paper that can hold hot liquid and is compostable.

The cup removes the plastic lids that is produced a billion and a half in US each year, which often don’t get recycled, and pollute the ocean. Also, our cup is cheaper than the lid-cup combination, making it cost-saving for coffee shops.

Moreover, the cup’s origami-inspired design brings a lot of exciting features that normal cups don’t have! It is easier to hold due to its triangular shape, easy to drink, easy to fold, has a spot for you to hang tea bags, and if you drop it from waist height like a lot of people do, it will keep most of its contents and prevents the catastrophic spill that destroy your laptop and documents!